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Constantly amazed...

... by the ever-increasing inability of Mac zealots to comprehend basic concepts.  A classic case in point from The Pre-Eminent Mac Zealotry site on the 'net, this article.  In it, they discuss the reasons why Apple may or may not release a netbook.

The reasons they describe about why Apple is about to release a netbook make perfect sense.  On the other hand, their arguments on "why we'll never see an Apple-branded netbook" are complete and utter nonsense.  I've known schizophrenics and Alzheimers patients who have a firmer grasp on reality.

First they start off with "Apple doesn't compete in the cheap crap market".  Really?  What the fuck is the iPod Shuffle?  You'd have to be a complete fucking imbecile to buy a shuffle, when there are mp3 players for $20 that outperform it in every conceivable way. 

Next up, they state "As we explained in January, the iPhone and iPod touch may already fill the space that would be occupied by an Apple netbook."  This only serves to demonstrate that either Ars Technica are the worst kind of Apple zealots or that they have zero understanding of why netbooks are appealing.

They seem to be under the impression that low cost is the only appealing factor of a netbook.  While a low price certainly does go a long way towards encouraging adoption, the form factor is at least equally appealing, if not moreso.  A small, easily portable computer with great battery life that doesn't cost much.  Sounds good.

"The iPhone is a highly mobile device that lets you stay connected on the go, offering news, e-mail, the Web, and digital media, much like most netbooks."

Actually, netbooks offer something much more than these items: utility.  You can do all of those things, and you can also do word processing, spreadsheets, etc -- the mainstay of most PC users.  You can't do that on an iWhatever.  The screen is too small, and on-screen keyboards suck, period.  Why would you want to waste any sizable percentage of your screen real estate (especially on such a small device) on a keyboard that should be separate?  Only a mindless Apple zealot is capable of the high degree of self-delusion required to think otherwise.

CNet also has a similar article.  In this article, they claim that the new netbook will be a touch-screen device with no keyboard.  Really?  So they've decided people don't need to type anymore?  What next, we don't need a display either?  Teh OS will be so advanced it'll just know what we want done and do it without us having to know about it?

One of the comments sums it up best, "When I type, I always hold my keyboard in front of my monitor in order to hide half my screen with it. It's how I like my clean usable UI that make my computing experience such a charm; only using half what I can for twice the price."

I do however find it gratifying to occasionally find Apple users who are more level-headed (I actually met one recently!), "I won't buy it if it doesn't have a keyboard. Typing on my iPhone is torture enough for me. (It probably won't have cut and paste, either! :-) I'm very happy with my MacBook Air, although I admit they are over-priced.

And finally... "No, they won't do copy/paste.  They'll do iCut and iPaste. It's where you personally switch back and forth between the two pages and write the information down yourself."

PS - typing long messages on a Blackberry is slightly better, but not much. 



January 2010

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