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Where the conversation with me went…

Some people have such fragile egos that they can’t stand any criticism of things they personally (and often irrationally) like.  If you question them on it – even in a polite and civil manner, they explode.  Usually this sort of behavior is reserved for religious zealots, but fans of certain ‘technology’ can be just as bad.

Case in point – a certain person I know who used to be a rational, civil and even thoughtful debater.  Now, he’s someone who only sees a particular viewpoint and can tolerate absolutely no criticism, no matter how constructive or civil that viewpoint may be.  In fact, he deletes comments from his journal when questioned on such topics.

Exhibit A – he blows up at someone who enjoys using their computer to play games.  He states that the person has ‘sold’ their freedom to play games, and that’s lame.  Really?  Selling your freedom to look trendy is so much better?  Giving up your freedom for a Fisher-Price computing experience, that’s not lame?  Give me a break.

The victim of his vitriol in that case responded with the question, “Do you even know who I am anymore? Has it really come down to this? You've forgotten so completely?” I feel exactly the same way, although frankly, I have no idea who he is anymore either.  The guy I knew wasn’t petty to the point of deleting dissenting comments from his journal.  He felt his input carried enough weight that it wasn’t eclipsed by an opposing view.

Exhibit B – the comments I left on this post, which were summarily deleted.  I tried to have a civil discourse about this new product which he was obsessed with.  I guess given the fact that the general consensus about the device is negative, he’s decided (in the image of the devices creator) to create a little walled garden of happiness where everything is joy and love for it.  A place where he can post the 3 positive articles about it that he’s spent hours scraping the web to find.

The worst part is that he swore up and down he wouldn’t become this way (and probably still thinks he isn’t).  I had a feeling it was inevitable.



January 2010

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